Friday, August 21, 2009


With the NFL Preseason starting, I thought that I would start telling how everyone of how your favorite teams alumni are doing.

An overview of Week 1 of Preseason.

New England Patriots
  • Tom Brady (1997-99) went 10/15 with 100 yards, 2 touchdowns, and one interception.
  • Shawn Crable (2004-07) had two solo tackles and one assisted tackle.
  • Pierre Woods (2002-05) had one assisted tackles.
Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jason Avant (2002-05) had two catches for 33 yards.
Washington Redskins
  • Todd Collins (1991-1994) went 8/11 with 70 yards.
Baltimore Ravens
  • Prescott Burgess (2003-06) had one solo tackle and a forced fumble.
  • Will Johnson (2004-08) also had a solo tackle, but sadly, no forced fumbles.
Arizona Cardinals
  • Steve Breaston (2003-06) had five catches for 52 yards.
Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ryan Mundy (2003-06), again, had a solo tackle.
  • Guess who also had a solo tackle, that's right: LaMarr Woodley (2003-06).
St. Louis Rams
  • Another Michigan alumnus who decided to make this post more boring than intended by having a solo tackle was James Hall (1996-1999).
New York Jets
  • Jay Feely (1995-98) was perfect making both field goals and both extra points.
  • David Harris (2004-06) decided to be more productive than his fellow alumni and had 3 solo tackles, which is more than one, according to recent studies.
Detroit Lions
  • Larry Foote (1998-2001) had one solo and one assisted tackle.
Houston Texans
  • Cato June (1999, 2001-02) had two solo tackles.
Seattle Seahawks
  • Jamar Adams (2004-07) also had two solo tackles.
Miami Dolphins
  • Chad Henne (2004-07) had nearly as good of a game as Tom Brady by going 7/11 with 94 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.
And that's all there is for Week One of the NFL Preseason. Expect these every Tuesday around 4 p.m. EST.

Kojak's Offensive Player of the week is Tom Brady.

Kojak's Defensive Player of the Week is David Harris.

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